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Woodworking is an excellent hobby that helps you relieve stress. We’ll give you tips on s
3 weeks ago

Cat Ladder DIY & Woodworking Project *2020

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Cat ladder DIY will make your cat happy as well as decorate your home. Whether it’s moving from the country to the city or a new family cat that, contrary to expectations, wants to go outside – cat owners are quickly faced with the problem that the cat wants to go out but can’t.… more...

1 month ago

Wooden Craft Balls ! What can be done?

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Wooden craft balls can turn your projects into fun. We convey an assortment of wooden balls, wood globules and wood ball handles. Wooden balls and grips are made of an incomplete white birch and can be painted or recoloured for your venture.… more...

2 months ago

Do It Yourself Storage Cabinet *2020

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Do it yourself storage cabinet ceiling-high and equipped with dust seals; the sliding door cabinet is the perfect storage space solution. The inner workings can be freely selected so that you can fall back on an interior from the manufacturer and build your shelves or built-in cupboards in the best DIY storage cabinet manner.more...