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Describe Why You Love Arts and Crafts?

Describe why you love arts and crafts? As a little girl, I took everyday objects and shaped them into what I had seen in nature. It was a way of bringing what I saw in my life into my mind and heart.

This got deeper for me as I learned about engineering, math, and science. I can take something that someone else designed or invented/discovered and do it myself.

I would do this with almost anything that impressed me or even the things I wanted to understand. Let me explain a little here.

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Please Describe Why You Love Arts and Crafts?

I attended a general education system in my early years, and there were blind and other non-disabled children with whom I could occasionally support and explore childhood in school.

I would see how they saw (the blind), how they said and how they would write with their toes or mouths.

I think this opened my world in ways that I have no words for.

Unlike handicrafts, I allow myself to be in love with life—a personal relationship with everyone.

It all sounds pretty cheesy, I know, but hey, that’s what life creates with the constant movement of mind, body, and soul.

I think everyone should play!

Today I still do weird things in my little world, and one of those ways is to take trash or everyday objects and learn to express and learn as you create.

All of these parts and techniques seem to be random until I find a song.

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Why do I love art so much?

This is an interesting question I’ve been asking myself since I was told my work was art. The question of why our species does what we call “art” is still an open question from science to philosophy to psychology.

Theories abound, and I’ve looked at some of them from neurology, but we don’t know why we create, have this inner drive to make art or, for that matter, science or general intellectual research. Some, like me, suspect that part of nature’s plan is to improve the survival of our species or even all species?

Do some think that our awareness of our propensity to explore and make is just an evolutionary accident, accident, and epiphenomenal event, just a by-product of the evolutionary process? For myself and I know that this applies to other artists. However, there is an inner predisposition first to be fascinated by the complexity and beauty of the world and the human aspect of being in the world and then to do something about it!

Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers have this disposition and drive. But in art, people want to do something about it by using their body (dancing) or doing something with their hands with intellect and emotions, combined with direct and immediate effect in materials and even sound (music) and light (visual arts).

I started making strange devices that I didn’t call art then, but others later. I didn’t know why I started it or what use it was. It was certainly difficult to explain anything about my motivations or specific works to others, let alone my parents and siblings, with a more pragmatic inclination. However, I still view my artwork as a method of investigation.

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Describe Why You Love Arts and Crafts? DIY and Crafts
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