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DIY Dog Bed No Sew – Quick and Easy

DIY dog bed no sew a simple and inexpensive project to make for your favorite pet! This time I’ll show you how you can easily sew a dog bed yourself. This nosew pet bed is so comfortable with making, and you don’t even need a needle and thread.

Whether you are a beginner or a real DIY professional – you can easily sew this DIY dog bed no sew yourself. It may take some time and patience, but in the end, you have created an excellent unique piece for the fur nose. Best of all: You can use discarded utensils from your household for the dog basket.

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DIY Dog Bed No Sew

Size S is, of course, also suitable for cats. Your dog can comfortably rest his head on the concrete edge and snuggle up in the pillow. You can sew the dog bed in 3 different sizes, with or without a zipper. Both the inner cushion and the side walls can be opened with a zipper to remove the filling and wash the fabric.

The sewing instructions are so simple and recorded in many individual steps that even every beginner sewing with basic knowledge can sew the perfect bed with it.

DIY Dog Bed Photo Gallery & Album

How to Make a Dog Bed? What material do you need?

Fleece blanket: Depending on the dog size or the desired size of the dog pillow, you need half a fleece blanket. Instead of a new blanket, you can, e.g., also use an old duvet cover or large towels
Filling for the blanket: you can use an old blanket, pillow, or something similar
Cloth scissors

How do you make your dog pillow?

1) First, decide how big your DIY dog bed no sew should be and cut the fabric if necessary. If you measure the material so that you can fold it once to get the size you want, there is one less side to worry about that needs to be knotted.

2) Lay the top and bottom of the pillow on top of each other and use your scissors to cut fringes 5-10 cm long along the open sides. The edges should be about the width of a thumb.

3) Now you start to knot the fringes lying on top of each other with a double knot.

4) Repeat this for all the edges until you have an opening of approx. 30 cm left. You can then put your filling into the pillow through this opening.

5) Then you can also knot the remaining fringes, and your dog pillow is ready!

Incidentally, I got the idea with the knotted ends. There is a lot of inspiration there. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of terrible handicraft instructions where you get ripped off with the tutorials.

Links like these DIY dog beds no sew nice to get inspiration, but with the instructions, you are often on your own.

Easy, Fun And Simple DIY Dog Bed

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DIY Dog Bed No Sew - Quick and Easy How to Make
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