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DIY Herb Drying Rack For Your Garden **2020

DIY herb drying rack, the harvest from the balcony, or wild herbs: By drying, you can preserve the summer’s flavor. We’ll show you how to build a sturdy herb dryer – and how to dry kitchen herbs properly.

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DIY Herb Drying Rack

Most of the time, I come across some other DIY herb drying rack in the market or elsewhere. In the first year, I had hardly any herbs in the garden apart from large rosemary and wild oregano, because I thought that I might not get to cook there, but then I realized that I could also grow the herbs in the garden as winter supplies.

Material for making a bundle of DIY herb drying rack

  • One aluminum clothes hanger, as you get it in the dry cleaner
  • One strip of jersey (e.g., from an old T-shirt) or a wide ribbon, approx. 5 cm wide (not visible later)
  • Package string or raffia
  • Lovely thinner ribbon for decoration
  • Scissors
  • 5-10 different herbs of your choice. Do not cut the herbs too short when harvesting!

DIY Herb Drying Photo Gallery & Album

How to Make a Drying Box for Herbs

So that your herbs do not lose their aroma while drying, they must be harvested at the right time. In many species, the smell is most robust before the flowering phase, and the herbs lose a lot of their taste as they bloom. These include herbs such as mint, chives, dill, or oregano. It is best to harvest the DIY herbs on a dry, cloudy morning (after a few rain-free days) after the dew has dried.

DIY herb drying rack are cut just above the ground so that they can be dried and stored depending on the method. Try not to damage the shoots too much, as this will cause valuable ingredients to be lost. The harvested parts of the plant should be cleaned of dirt and insects by shaking the plants out. Leaves, seed heads, and flowers are not washed, as additional water would promote the decomposition and prolong the drying phase.

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Easy, Fun And Simple DIY Herb Drying

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DIY Herb Drying Rack For Your Garden **2020 Gardening
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