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DIY Phone Stand Binder Clips

DIY phone stands binder clips for iPod/iPhone or cellphone: This is my first instructable. I hope you find this useful. Many Apple fans try their best to keep track of the newly released iPhone products. Sometimes it is inconvenient to hold the iPhone device while doing other tasks, especially while watching movies or typing with a Bluetooth keyboard. For those who don’t want to split the expense of a dock or stand that doesn’t come with your new device, you can create a personalized tool.

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Some of them are as simple as a basic, stripped-down design while others are complex, and even gear is driven. Here I have put together a collection of DIY iPhone docks and stands that are meant to inspire you in both their distinctive looks and ease of use.

DIY Phone Stand Binder Clips Ideas

DIY phone stand binder clips, not only are some of these makeshift solutions a showcase of genius creativity, but they are also easy to replicate and can help you save your money for other uses. We expect office supplies will be missing a lot as a result of this list, but go ahead and grab and idea or two. Unleash your creativity with these DIY examples of smartphone and tablet accessories.

DIY Phone Stand Photo Gallery & Album

Get some thick, sturdy paper, scissors, and fold it this way, and you have yourself a nice paper dock. The best part is, you can have multiple ports placed in strategic spots in your home or office.

Binder Clip Phone Stand

Binder clip phone stand is surprisingly used for several nifty handy life hacks. I was searching for a prudent answer for mounting my cellphone on a top table tripod I have. After watching individuals think of expanding saddles for their phones, it hit me. I utilize the most significant binder cut I have and penetrated an opening in the middle. Subsequently, I can without much of a stretch, clasp my phone. My phone has an elastic case around it that will ensure it. However, I plan on getting some froth tape to put on the edges of the clasp so that it won’t scratch it.

Besides the cost, it’s likewise flexible. You can put the phone in it in either scene or representation and use it on an expert tripod if necessary.

Easy, Fun And Simple DIY Phone Stand

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DIY Phone Stand Binder Clips DIY and Crafts
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