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Do it Yourself Aquarium Backgrounds – 5 Steps

Do it yourself aquarium backgrounds will add depth to your aquarium’s landscape and hide the wall and cords from showing through. DIY aquarium backgrounds can be as easy as a child’s drawing or as complex as a detailed work of art.

Be sure you are willing to dedicate a tank to this do it yourself aquarium backgrounds and plan on it not being ready for fish for several weeks. Don’t buy your materials and your fish at the same time unless you have a spare tank.

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Do it Yourself Aquarium Backgrounds

Knowing tank dimensions and the desired shape, depth, and colour of your future aquarium background will greatly ease troubles in the long run. If you’re using a glass aquarium, keep in mind that the upper rim may need to be taken off for the background to fit in the tank properly. If the edge does need to be removed, do so with a razor blade and then silicone it back on when finished.

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Here are the ingredients you need for DIY aquarium backgrounds:

  • Low profile
  • Easy maintenance
  • Chemically inert
  • Low cost
  • Eliminates reef harvesting
  • Custom-fit
  • Minimum water displacement
  • Custom design
  • Will last indefinitely
  • Aquarium-safe

DIY aquarium backgrounds are found on Dramatic AquaScapes, a great site and a forum for anyone looking to start or learn about doing it yourself aquarium backgrounds projects. They even have a step-by-step on how to build your aquarium background page.

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Do it Yourself Aquarium Backgrounds - 5 Steps DIY and Crafts
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