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Do It Yourself Dalmatian Costume for Child

Do it yourself Dalmatian costume is simple for expert crafters and novice dog lovers alike. Make a dalmatian costume with your child for Halloween or playtime. Every child has known the cute, spotted dogs since Disney’s 101 Dalmatians at the latest. With their white fur and black spots, they stand out clearly. The cuddly four-legged friends are easy to fall in love with and are also ideal as a template for a Dalmatian costume!

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Do It Yourself Dalmatian Costume

By the way, you can also find the right carnival accessories for your DIY Dalmatian costume in our shop. Ears to put on, cool masks or the cute little stump tails of the Dalmatians are waiting to be discovered by you.

Large selection of Dalmatian costumes for adults

Adults can also look forward to great Dalmatian costumes. Just like for the children, we offer a wide range of full-body suits in the Dalmatian look. The black and white wigs, which inevitably remind of Cruella de Ville, are also a real eye-catcher. Combined with a faux fur coat with black dots, an original carnival costume is created. At the theme party or in the club you can cause a stir with a Dalmatian dress. A black and white feather boa skillfully underlines the feminine look.

Do It Yourself Photo Gallery & Album

101 Dalmatians – Why not as a group costume?

If you are a large group of people, you can each dress up individually as a Dalmatian and appear as a large group – fun for the whole family. The animal costumes from our online shop are of course also suitable for groups, for example for a group in the carnival procession or a bachelor party with an unusual theme. Couples in love will also find what they are looking for in our shop. With a coordinated team do it yourself Dalmatian costume, you will be one of the stars of the evening at the next theme party. Also, you recognize your partner from afar, so that you cannot lose yourself.

Just take a look around and find the optimal Dalmatian costume for your purposes. We offer you:

  • Dalmatian costumes for him and her
  • Pleasantly warm Dalmatian costumes for the street carnival
  • Elegant and seductive Dalmatian costumes for the evening
  • Cute models for children
  • Lots of accessories for your Dalmatian costume
  • Black and white carnival make-up for a complete look

Isn’t the DIY Dalmatian costume right for you? In our shop, you will find many more carnival costumes for young and old!

Easy, Fun And Simple Do It Yourself

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Do It Yourself Dalmatian Costume for Child Crafts for Kids
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