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Do it Yourself Spy Camera & DIY Hidden Camera

Types of do it yourself hidden camera. If you consider purchasing a spy camera but don’t know how to go about it, you should purchase a DIY hidden camera kit instead. The camera itself is actually tiny, so it is much easier to install than purchasing a standard camera. When you purchase the do it yourself spy camera kit, the receiver box is also included along with the mounting screws, which allow you to install the camera right out of the box. You will find that all the instructions are clearly marked and easy to follow.

Do it Yourself Spy Camera Video

How to Make a Spy Camera?

Learning how to make a small hidden camera is not really that difficult. The only things you will need are common household items like a small digital camera, a tape recorder, a magnifying lens, and a computer. Once you have all of these items, the rest of the steps in this article should be pretty easy. Just remember to keep your recorder or tape recorder away from the area where you will be installing the tiny little cameras. If you do this and if you are careful enough, no one should ever know that you had been placing hidden cameras in their homes!

When you purchase the do it yourself spy camera kit, you should also purchase a memory card, especially if you plan to use it multiple times. The kit comes with a tiny, barely visible SD card, perfect for installing the camera on your desk or even placing it into your pocket to carry it with you. To transfer the video from your camera, plug the SD card into your computer using the micro USB cable provided with the kit. Once you have completed this task, you have to turn the HDMI cable on to receive the video from your digital camera. Once you have viewed the video on your monitor, you can then save it to your hard drive using your laptop, or you can even upload it to YouTube using your PC or your smartphone.

An Easy, Effective and Cheap Way to Use a DIY Spy Camera

Although this type of camera can be used for many different purposes, it can also be utilized for one simple purpose – surveillance. If you are constantly concerned about your children, nanny, or employees watching you while you are at work, then using a tiny, hidden cam can give you peace of mind. This type of kit comes with a tiny motion detection LED light, which will turn on whenever someone walks past it. As long as there is no physical contact between the object and the tiny cam, the light will turn on. The LED lights are very bright, so it will be easy to see the person as he walks past.

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Do it Yourself Spy Camera & DIY Hidden Camera How to Make
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