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How to Do it Yourself a Woody Costume?

How to do it yourself woody costume ideas for the 2021 Halloween holiday, that’s right; I said it – 2021! This year, I am planning to create two arbores-inspired office buildings—one in redwood and one in white pine. The redwood is going to be the traditional wood color. The white pine will be a unique shade of green.

Do it Yourself Woody Costume Video

Do it Yourself Woody Costume

These are my do it yourself woody costume ideas for the 2021 Halloween. Two arbores themed office structures to reply to the tight economy market—one desk in Redwood and one in White Pine with an office chair on top. I’ll show you how to construct these two buildings step by step, with clear instructions to build a two-story wooden office building.

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So, what type of buildings do you build? Well, we decided to use the two-story office building because we thought it was going to be a much funnier and unique way to dress up our costumes. It will be interesting to see what other people come up with for their costumes this year. I would really like to see some creativity from you all this year, in case I get a chance to see some of your creations for next year’s Halloween event.

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How to Do it Yourself a Woody Costume? How to Make
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