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Halloween Ghost Crafts for Kids

Halloween ghost crafts are so easy to make, very inexpensive, and always a hit with the kids. To make puffy ghosts, Glue on cotton balls to a ghost cut-out. These handicraft projects for Halloween decoration will inspire all horror fans: No matter whether you want to be active with your children or want to make something more advanced, Halloween decoration – there is something for everyone!

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Trick or treat? – every year new DIY ideas for candy packaging have to be found that is quick, easy, cheap, and do-it-yourself. I’ve wanted to blog the image with the ghost lollipops for a long time and share it with you – because when I lived in America, this DIY packaging idea was an absolute hit!

Halloween Ghost Crafts

This Halloween ghost crafts for candy is so incredibly quick that it doesn’t need any instructions – but there are still a few tips and tricks included!

Halloween ghost crafts are also suitable as a table decoration, with name tags, placed in a glass, on the set Halloween table, or as a gift. And ghosts, just like bats, pumpkin decorations or sweets are, of course, a must on every Halloween.

Halloween Ghost Crafts Photo Gallery & Album

Make flying and glowing Halloween ghosts. With these handicraft instructions, it is straightforward! Thanks to a battery-operated light chain, you can attach this Halloween ghost decoration anywhere.

They do not only spread their charm in the dark. Great craft fun for Halloween!

Tips for Making Halloween Ghosts

You can pierce the holes for the LEDs with an awl and then enlarge them with a nail. If a spot has gotten a little too big, it usually doesn’t matter. You can then e.g., Glue in place with a stronger glue. Before soaking, pull the gauze bandages apart well or even tear small holes. The clothes of the Halloween ghosts look a little creepier.

The dresses could also be glued on without the Mod Podge. With Mod Podge, however, the bandage becomes a little more transparent, and the ghost clothes are substantial so that they can also be put down. I strongly recommend this step, even if the waiting time to dry is a bit difficult – it’s worth it.

Fairy lights with batteries are ideal for these handicraft instructions. With it, the flying Halloween ghost crafts can easily be attached anywhere.

Easy, Fun And Simple Halloween Ghost Crafts

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Halloween Ghost Crafts for Kids Crafts for Kids
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