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Monster Crafts for Kids – Easy and Fun

Monster crafts can be a fun and easy hobby. If you have children, then I’m sure that you would agree that they enjoy playing some form of craft and there’s no better way to start this activity than with the world-famous monster crafts. These not-so-scary monster crafts for children are great for kids who may be a bit scared of monsters, but to make them more afraid, you must give them something that scares them. Learning to play with different monsters and exploring their fears can help children develop a healthy self-image and gain some control over their bodies.

You don’t have to buy the expensive items that come with monster craft sets, as these aren’t necessary. All you need is a small piece of cardboard, and you can create some enjoyable monster crafts that both kids and parents will enjoy doing together.

Monster Craft Ideas For Children

The first monster craft that you should try out with your children is the infamous “Monster Slap.” This is a short craft that you can do from scratch. All you need to have is a sheet of white paper and two pieces of cardboard. You’ll need to cut out the eyes and mouth of a small monster. Then you need to glue the two pieces together and shape the mouth to make it look like a beast slaps the face of your child.

Monster Crafts for Photo Gallery & Album

The second monster craft is called the “Bitey Monster.” Again, this is very simple to make from scratch. All you need is a piece of cardboard and some black construction paper. All you need to do is put the form on top of the cardboard, trace around it with a pencil, and you will have a unique design that is sure to turn heads! Once the paper is glued to the cardboard, you will need to cut a circle in the middle of the paper and then stick the cardboard piece in the middle.

Crazy Cute Monster Crafts for Kids

The third monster craft is called the “Rotten Monster.” This one is a little bit trickier to make, as you will need to glue the eyes onto the head, the mouth onto the mouth and then add the nose. The whole body needs to be shaped, with the ears sticking out, and so the stomach sticking out. Then it is just a matter of gluing everything to make a very realistic-looking monster!

These are just some of the monster craft ideas you can make for your child. You will find that once they learn how to create these monsters, they won’t be able to resist playing with them for longer than ten minutes! So give them a few free hours every day to experiment, and you’ll soon have a family of terrifying little monsters.

Easy, Fun And Simple Monster Crafts for

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Monster Crafts for Kids - Easy and Fun Crafts for Kids
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