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Nursery Rhyme Crafts for Preschoolers **2020

Nursery rhyme crafts for preschoolers games and activities can do a mitten match activity. You can use real mittens, cardboard cutouts, or felt board. I love how nursery rhymes have stood the test of time. With all the technology around us, we still sing to our children the same lullabies that our parents sang when they were little. Not great. While there have been some new ones, most of the popular children’s songs are the ones we know and love.

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Nursery Rhyme Art Projects for Preschoolers

Nursery rhyme crafts for preschoolers are a vital part of teaching young children literacy. These rhymes naturally help young children develop phonemic awareness skills. These are the necessary building blocks that children need before they can begin to read. In addition to reading or reciting nursery rhymes, you can fill those rhymes with other activities and centers in your classroom. Check out these ideas for using nursery rhymes with your preschoolers.

Nursery Rhyme Crafts Photo Gallery & Album

Cotton ball painting

Materials needed: black paint, white construction paper, cotton balls, clothespins, googly eyes, glue.

Children use the clothespins to hold the cotton balls. Dip the cotton in the paint to use it on the white paper. Add the googly eyes with glue.

If desired, you can pre-cut the paper in the shape of a sheep. I asked the children to use scissors to cut the piece into its best oval shape so that the children could practice their cutting skills. They then use the scraps to cut off four legs and glue them to their sheep shape.

Kazoo Horns

Materials needed: paper towel tubes cut in half, stickers and markers, wax paper cut into approximately 4-inch squares, rubber bands.

Children decorate their tubes with markers, colored pencils, and stickers. Help them place a square of waxed paper at one end and secure it with a rubber band.

Children blow and hum on the other side. This makes the wax paper vibrate and hum.

Wear them while reciting this nursery rhyme crafts for preschoolers!

Easy, Fun And Simple Nursery Rhyme Crafts

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Nursery Rhyme Crafts for Preschoolers **2020 Crafts for Kids
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