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Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Rainbow Crafts for kids – cotton wool rainbow crafts with a piece of free template information on – creative crafts. My little girls have always drawn into art. Our art and art is continually evolving. You want to paint, paint, markers, mould, glue, scissors, and stamps every day.

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

These edible rainbow crafts for kids are a cute and easy home improvement for the kids in your life. Creativity is contagious! The art inspires this craft kit I made with my girls, and we wanted to grab it and share it with you guys.

This game includes:

– Two watercolour papers with a rainbow + cloud outline for your child to paint. The essay is acid-free, and the colour press finish.

– A Swell watercolour paint kit with eight classic colours and a wooden brush. It is child-safe washable paint and ASTM non-toxic.

– Multi-size white pom balls for creating your clouds on the rainbow colour arc.

Rainbow Crafts for Photo Gallery & Album

– A colourants sticky glue stick that is non-toxic and easy to use for small hands.

– Watercolour paper crown! Be artistic and design your dome. Use the watercolour paints, pom-poms, rainbow pencil, or rainbow chalk to make your design.

– A rainbow chalks to bring the rainbow from the sky onto the blank paper.

– A rainbow pen. With every scribble, you will see a new colour.

– Glitter shooting star pencil topper. Just for fun!

– A blank watercolour sheet to make a unique creation.

– A handful of multi-coloured pom-poms for your outstanding work of art.


– We used the sticky glue for the pom-poms. I had my older child put dots of it over the clouds, and she pinned the pom-poms on the dots. It dries quickly.

– The falling star pencil topper can be used on any pencil!

If you have a preference for the crown ribbon colour, please message me. Otherwise, I choose a pretty colour.

Salt dough, paper crafts, craft stick, exploding rainbows, rainbows in a bag and other fun rainbow crafts for kids will love. I hope you enjoy our craft pack! Be unique; make it your own! Show me and my daughters your creations!

Easy, Fun And Simple Rainbow Crafts for

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Rainbow Crafts for Kids Crafts for Kids
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